Showcasing Australia’s best architecture

Posted on Apr 9, 2021

Last weekend we had the pleasure of showcasing two of our recent projects as part of the Australian Institute of Architecture Awards. In front of a panel of judges we presented our recently completed Montrose Primary School Gymnasium and Deakin KA5. H2o Director Mark O’Dwyer also presented UTS’ New Science Research Facility project as part of the NSW chapter of the awards.

The awards programme highlights some of the best architecture across the country, giving us an opportunity to share and celebrate our projects with a wide audience.

Thank you Tim, Vieri, Agatha, Vanja and Mark for all your efforts in presenting our projects, and to the H2o support team who helped put the presentations together.

The awards allow us to step back and acknowledge our hard work. We look forward to seeing all this year’s entries, along with the announcement of winners in June.

Montrose Primary School Gymnasium, presented to the judges by Agatha, Vieri and Tim. Our design for this much-loved primary school in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges creates an exceptional new facility. Photo by Trevor Mein.

Our Deakin KA5 project, a completely new, contemporary workspace, presented to the jury by Vanja. Photo by Kane Jarrod.

Presented by Mark, our recently completed New Science Research Facility for UTS meets the increasing demand for high-tech research space at universities. Photo by Tyrone Branigan.