H2o world first precast rammed earth project inspires Dubai masterpiece 20 years later

Posted on Jun 28, 2022

In 2002 Hillview Quarries Victoria, a granite quarry and producers of granitic sand, required an elevated solution to their new gatehouse building utilising their own products. H2o and internationally known rammed earth guru Rick Lindsay, produced the worlds first precast rammed earth elevated panels.


In Dubai 20 years later the Hillview experience inspired Rick and architects Qualalou + Choi to design the award winning multi level Morocco Pavilion Expo 2020. This utilises similar prefabricated rammed earth panels made from local sand, lightly reinforced and concrete backed.


Utilising the same specialised precast rammed earth technology, Rick Lindsay is now cladding thirty storey buildings in Ghana and UAE.


Image: Morocco Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai / Oualalou+Choi

Image: Hillview Quarry Gatehouse 2002 / H2o Architects