Castlemaine Primary School

Location Castlemaine VIC
Project Completion 2003
Project Size 1,500m2
Project Description The brief called for a design response that consolidated the school’s facilities in order to maximize playground space on the restricted site. The brief also required a response that created equitable disabled access to the existing 1870s building (three metres above surrounding ground levels at times) that is also integrated with access to the proposed new facilities. The design response addresses both issues by conceiving the new facility as an ‘L’ shaped extension to the existing building.

The ‘old’ and ‘new’ are bridged by a new canopied entryway at the floor level of the existing building that gently ramps adjacent but external to the new facility to bring users down to ground level. The existing and new facilities combine to create a courtyard/amphitheatre space for assembly and a place where chance encounters and friendships can foster within the school’s community.
The new building provides five general purpose classrooms, a multi-purpose room, a canteen and student amenities. The refurbished 1870s building contains administration, Principals office, library, art room, staff lounge and amenities as well as two general purpose classrooms.