Post-Covid Series

Posted on Jul 2, 2021

Architecture hacks: Melbourne 2030
Post-covid, we’re facing a radical shift in how we inhabit cities. With remote working the new normal, the traditional model of CBD as city centre is under dispute. Will we return to business as usual over time or live and work hyper locally?


We believe that architecture has a critical role to play in this evolution. Through a series of design provocations, our studio is exploring the role of architecture in revitalising the places we call home.

Our first prototype examines how to regenerate the thousands of now-dormant parking spaces across the CBD. We’ve reimagined these surplus environments as a series of interconnected modular building pods, interchangeable according to function, demand and regulatory frameworks.


Empty office buildings and hotels could be transformed into cultural hubs, supporting new retail and hospitality opportunities and urban farms. New planting would clean the air and feed an expanding CBD population, in this renewed thriving metropolis.