Launching soon: Disruptions poetry book by Tim Hurburgh

Posted on Feb 4, 2022

H2o Director Tim Hurburgh is thrilled to soon be launching his first book, DISRUPTIONS, Tasmania in Poetry – Reflections of an architect.


Renowned for his award-winning designs, Tim is now sharing another of his passions, poetry. Inspired by his hometown near the Derwent River north of Hobart, Tim’s poems offer a fresh perspective on the fabled Apple Isle.


Tim’s interest in writing began when he was invited to write a series of short stories for Highland Digest, and in recent years, he’s been mentored by renowned Tasmanian poet and writer Janet Upcher. Tim has produced more than thirty poems exploring either Tasmanian or universal themes, a selection of which feature in his new book.


In the book, Tim’s poems are accompanied by brief narratives in plain prose, backgrounding the ideas explored in each poem. Inspired by the tutoring he received from Melbourne painter Richard Birmingham, who encourages students to develop their own unique ‘mark’, Tim’s vibrant sketches are intertwined with his poems.


Pictured: A sketch accompanying Tim’s poem SERENDIPITY. The book is a collection of poems and sketches inspired by Tim’s Tasmanian roots and architectural career. DISRUPTIONS is due to launch soon, stay tuned for details.