Fostering the next generation of architects

Posted on Apr 9, 2021

Last month, we were invited to co-host a construction design seminar at The University of Melbourne. Using our McKinnon Secondary College VCE Centre project as a case study, third-year students from the undergraduate Bachelor of Design program were tasked with delving into the complexities of the construction process.

Joined by TTW and DEVCO, students had the opportunity to ask questions at a two hour on-line forum and learn from the different project perspectives of architect, engineer and builder. Armed with a full set of drawings, surveys and images from the project, students are required to interpret the material and make a 3D model of a portion of the building.

Designed as a focal point within the McKinnon Secondary College campus, the project posed several construction challenges, including unexpected in-ground latent conditions and raked internal precast concrete walls providing planning flexibility. The project also sets a benchmark in educational pedagogies combining ground- breaking university style lecture theatre teaching with open plan learning; featuring both traditional teacher/ student classes and flexible learning, research and study spaces to support a dynamic contemporary and inclusive education process.

It is a privilege to invest in and share our knowledge with the next generation of architects, and we look forward to returning to class later this year to see their progress.

Spread over three levels in Vertical School format, the McKinnon Secondary College VCE Centre provides an important home base for the most senior year twelve students on this 2,000 strong campus, along with laboratories, and formal and informal learning spaces with various levels of openness.
Project photography by John Gollings.