Boyd’s Linden House to feature at Open House Hobart 2021

Posted on Nov 10, 2021

We’re excited to see Robin Boyd’s Linden House included in this year’s Open House Hobart. Held over the 13 – 14 November, the program gives rare public access to some of Hobart’s most unique buildings. And for the first time, the opportunity to step inside one of Boyd’s hidden masterpieces.


Earlier this year, H2o Director Tim Hurburgh visited the current owners of Linden House to discover the story behind Boyd’s re-imagining of a rural farmhouse for Houses magazine. One of Boyd’s lesser-known works, Linden House is located a short drive from Hobart, on the banks of the Derwent River in Plenty. Boyd and the original owners shared a passion for Japanese design and were inspired by the Derwent Valley’s all-timber oast houses.


Boyd designed the house to be a magnificently scaled, multipurpose glazed pavilion that “floats” between the pool and the river. Linden House is still remarkably intact after nearly 60 years — right down to the painting of the front door in Boyd’s favoured semi-gloss forest green.


Linden House is open from 10am – 4pm on Saturday 13 November. Tim will also be at Linden House all day to answer design queries. Visit Open House Hobart for details of the full 2021 program.


Boyd’s only work in Tasmania, he extensively re-imagined a rural farmhouse into a masterful composition of timeless elegance and simplicity. Photography by Adam Gibson.