Truganina P-9 College Stage 2


Location Truganina, VIC
Project Completion 2017
Project Size 3,800m2

Project Description The masterplan for Truganina P-9 School was designed and constructed by H2o Architects in 2 stages. Stage 2 includes the gymnasium and shared drama area with additional learning communities and specialist spaces. All buildings in the overall masterplan are north facing (except admin which faces east to the street), linked by generous, column free covered ways or north facing overhangs.

The initial school brief put emphasis on creating flexible spaces to cope with future growth of the school across various year levels. The spaces have been structured in a hierarchy of environments which contribute to the learning processes and accommodate the needs for students of different cultural backgrounds and learning paths. Furthermore, the expressive palette of materials reflect a demographically and ethnically diverse community.
Truganina (in Tasmania Truganini) was considered the last full-blooded indigenous person in Tasmania. She was briefly repatriated to Victoria and lived with the Werribee tribes and in later recognition gave her name to the suburb. Truganini translates as ‘salt bush’. The design aims to reflect its aboriginal heritage through a number of initiatives:
• Plantings with undulating rubber berms which provides natural zoning between age groups
• ‘String of beads’ crescent plan form to Brigalow Drive
• Central village green corrobboree gathering place
• Pedagogical recognition of specific learning modalities via some aboriginal themes – Campfire, Cave and Coach